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MUSIC REVIEW | ZZ Top – Tres Hombres (1973)

In a nutshell, Bored & Dangerous says: “I’m pretty sure this whole record could stay evergreen for me for just as long.”

ZZ 1
Often, when bands stick around long enough, they become a bit of a novelty at best, a punchline at worst.  My entire life, ZZ Top have either been seen as nothing more than the long beards (novelty), or dodgy, outdated rock (worst).  But here’s the thing, for a band and their songs to stay in the spotlight for decades, there has to be something going on.  Even if I hate an old but enduring band, I try to at least respect that endurance and accept that they do have something offer, it’s just not something for me.  Which is why I listened to ZZ Top’s mainstream breakthrough, Tres Hombres.

Straight away, I love the three piece simplicity of the ZZ Top sound with Waitin’ for the Bus.  No overdubs (well, maybe a little during the guitar solo) or extravagant layering.  Just one guitar cranking out a dirty riff, back up by a straight as a die bass line and freight train drums.  My usual hatred of the harmonica is even abated with the sparing use of one here. (more…)