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MUSIC REVIEW | David Bowie – Blackstar (2015)

In a nutshell, Bored & Dangerous says: “It’s [the] feel of this record as whole that makes all the praise I have heard for Blackstar over the last few weeks so justified.”

Bowie 1
I like David Bowie. I’m not some sort of animal who doesn’t like David Bowie. When he died recently, I was bummed and knew it was a huge loss for music, and art in general. But I also felt like I know that as simply a universal fact. I personally, have never had a Bowie epiphany. No record or song has ever hit me in a way that made me feel any sort of connection to his music the way it has hit millions of others. And here’s the thing, I have no doubt at all that I’m wrong and those millions are right.

I even tried to force a Bowie realisation right here in Bored and Dangerous by listening to Hunky Dory and Diamond Dogs. My liking of both records was way outweighed by my respect for them. I could recognise why people love them so much, even if I couldn’t quite get to that level myself. If any other musician died within a week of releasing an album, I would disregard any praise for that album, blaming it on grief and nostalgia. But there’s something about David Bowie that makes me pretty certain that Blackstar is as good as every single person has said it is. (more…)