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MOVIE REVIEW | The Campaign (2012)


Will Ferrell is a funny dude. One of the funniest making movies today. He might not always choose the greatest movies or strongest comedies to be a part of, but even amongst something pretty ordinary, like Semi-Pro, or Blades of Glory, he’s always funny in them. Zach Galifianakis is a funny dude, but he seems to have been the victim of a pretty short audience attention span. It’s only five years since he broke big in The Hangover, and his moment of mainstream popularity seems to have quickly, and unfairly, already passed.

Two funny dudes, yet when they were put together, with a really promising premise and trailers that made me laugh, it seems like no one took much notice, including me. Which is a shame, because The Campaign is funny. Really, really funny. (more…)