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MUSIC REVIEW | Warren Zevon – Warren Zevon (1976)

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To too many people, Warren Zevon is the dude who did Werewolves of London. That’s a great song, but I think it’s kind of unfairly seen as a novelty by a lot of people. Unfair, because Zevon was one of the greatest song writers in modern American music. Here’s the thing though, I say that, knowing that I’m even worse than people who write him of as a novelty one hit wonder. Because I will sing the praises of Warren Zevon as a great artists all day, but I haven’t listened to nearly enough of his music to backup my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% positive that my opinion is correct. But it’s based on a handful of songs that have found their way onto my iPod over the years, as well as the opinions of musicians I love, and critics who have actually earned their lofty opinions. When it comes to my praise of Zevon, I believe I’m what you would call a poser. So now I’m giving my opinion at least a little substance, by listening the eponymous Warren Zevon. (more…)