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MUSIC REVIEW | Screamfeeder – Home Age (1999)


By 1999, Screamfeeder’s unfairly short dalliance with high rotation radio airplay was already a year or two behind them. Triple J embraced them for a few singles, but by the turn of the century, that was all over. Now, close to 20 years after that brief moment of heavy exposure (heavy by alternative Brisbane band standards, anyway), they’re still out there doing their thing. And when I get to see them live every few years, Screamfeeder never disappoints. So I thought it was time I gave some of those not so salad days a listen, with Home Age.

Immediately, Walls Come Tumbling Down sounds like Screamfeeder had matured a little. And by that I mean, they sound a little older, a little less concerned with high energy and more concerned with melody. The la la la intro of So Sad About Us supports that theory. This is still the same band who made Kitten Licks, but there’s something more subdued about them here. (more…)