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MUSIC REVIEW | The Replacements – Tim (1985)

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In the old, pre streaming, pre internet days of listening to music, one of the most consistently reliable way to discover new, great music was to read the liner notes inside album covers from the bands I already loved. Listening to a CD for the first time, while flicking through booklet that came with it, I wouldn’t read the lyrics first. I’d go straight to the back to see what other bands got shout outs in the thank you section. But now, lack of physical media means I rarely see that. But the theory is still the same. Whenever I see a musician I love talking about bands they love, I always seek them out.

I knew who The Replacements were before reading this interview on Soundcheck. And I’d listened to an album or two here and there, even reviewing one here on Bored and Dangerous. But it was this endorsement from Craig Finn of The Hold Steady, that made me decide I needed to listen to more. As Finn tells it, “Growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota… hometown heroes The Replacements illustrated for him what rock music could be about.  ‘I never knew anyone who looked like Steven Tyler from Aerosmith,’ says Finn. ‘But I knew a lot of guys who looked like [Replacements lead singer] Paul Westerberg. So when I saw The Replacements for the first time, I thought ‘Oh my god, I can do this.'” (more…)

MUSIC REVIEW | Various Artists – Songs for Slim: Rockin Here Tonight (2013)

Throughout the 80s, The Replacements were one of the bands most responsible for what would become known as alternative music.  They took elements of punk, rock, folk and anything else that tickled their fancy, and made something exciting and raw, that still had its basis in melody and solid song writing.  They broke up in 1991and went their separate ways.  But a few years ago, when original guitarist Slim Dunlap suffered a stroke, the band got back together to record an EP, raising money to help cover Dunlap’s medical bills.  That five track EP turned into a series of vinyl singles, recorded by dozens of other bands and performers.  Dozens of tributes collected as Songs for Slim: Rockin Here Tonight.

As much as I know I should, I haven’t listened to nearly enough of The Replacements to be familiar with all of this track listing.  And I’m nowhere near cool enough to recognise all of the names of the people and bands who contributed to it.  But the the Replacements’ songs I do know, and the people and band names I do recognise, are more than enough to make pretty sure I’m in for something good with this compilation. (more…)