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MOVIE REVIEW | The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994)

In a nutshell, Bored & Dangerous says: “It’s like watching The Golden Girls if every single character talked like Sophia when she’s slamming Blanch for being a slut.”

 Priscilla 1.jpg
“Now listen here, you mullet. Why don’t you just light your tampon, and blow your box apart? Because it’s the only bang you’re ever gonna get, sweetheart!”

To me, 20 years ago sounds like a lifetime.  Until I remember that Nirvana’s Nevermind is closer to 25 years old than 20, and that Seinfeld finished 19 years ago.  Those sorts of things feel like yesterday and like nothing has changed in the years since.  But I just watched a movie that showed me just how much has changed, and for the better.  I just watched the 22 year old The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Sydney drag performer Trick (Hugo Weaving) gets a call with an offer he can’t refuse.  A Casino in Alice Springs, the dead centre of Australia, has booked him for a show, but he can’t do it alone.  So Trick recruits the recently widowed, not so recently trans gendered Bernadette (Terence Stamp), and young flamingly flamboyant queen, Adam (Guy Pearce).  Through a little emotional blackmail, Adam scores $10,000 from his mother, buys an old bus that he nicknames Priscila, and the three head off to tackle Australia’s outback. (more…)

MOVIE REVIEW | Valkyrie (2008)

Val 1

“The Fuhrer’s promises of peace and prosperity have fallen by the wayside leaving in their wake a path of destruction.”

In the 90s, Bryan Singer was the next big thing. The Usual Suspects was the cool little movie that broke big and helped launch the career of Kevin Spacey. And along wih Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, Singer’s first two X-Men movies pretty much defined what comic book movies have been ever since. Then he gave up a lot of his goodwill by making Superman Returns, a truly terrible, boring movie. These days, he’s a little all over the shop. X-Men: Days of Future Past is pretty great, while Jack the Giant Slayer looked like a colossus mess of terrible CGI and little else.

In between, is Valkyrie. I remember a lot of buzz before it came out, then it just kind of fizzled away. No one loved it, but no one hated it either. How could a movie about a plot to kill Hitler, starring Tom Cruise, directed by Singer be a fizzler? I could understand it being amazing, I could understand it being amazingly bad, but I couldn’t believe it fell in that boring, middle ground. Although, the fact that I’m only now getting to Valkyrie, seven years after its release, is a sign of how little an impact its release obviously made on me. (more…)