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MOVIE REVIEW | The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

Poster - Adventures of Robin Hood, The_02
“I’ll organize revolt, exact a death for a death, and I’ll never rest until every Saxon in this shire can stand up free men and strike a blow for Richard and England.”

Errol Flynn is one of those actors who I recognise immediately, even though I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single one of his movies. He is the epitome of swashbuckling, daring do. And while I hadn’t seen any of his movies before now, and probably could only name one, that one is so iconic, I can’t believe I’d never seen it until now. That iconic one is The Adventures of Robin Hood.

While King Richard is captured during the Crusades, his ruthless brother, Prince John (Claud Rains) takes over. Taxing the shit out of his subjects and letting his men indulge in a bit of the ol’ rape and pillage, it’s clear that the people need a hero. Cue Robin Hood (Errol Flynn), a nobleman who leaves his life of riches and privilege behind to lead a revolution. Along with his mate Will Scarlett (Patric Knowles), and recruits Little John (Alan Hale) and Friar Tuck (Eugene Pallette), Robin Hood and his merry men build a forest utopia, while killing Prince John’s men and fighting for the little guy. (more…)