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In a nutshell, Bored & Dangerous says: With its bad mat painting backgrounds on obvious sound stage sets, to laughably fake horses and puppet mountain lions, to the deliberately awkward, exposition filled dialogue, it takes a lot of skill from some real professionals to make something that appears so amateur.

 Casa 1
The main reason I started this blog was to make me watch more movies, and to vary the kinds of movies I watched.  The first part of that has been well and truly accomplished with me watching hundreds of movies for the first time, instead of falling back on old favourites over and over again.   But l’m not sure if I’ve varied my selections enough.  I still watch mainly American movies, with directors, writers and actors that make them a pretty safe bet. So this year, I’m forcing myself to seek out more international movies.  With Foreign Language Weekends, every weekend(ish) during 2016, I’ll review two(ish) non-English language movies.

If you were truly smart, you would know that you are dumb. Look at your fat head.

Will Ferrell is a really funny dude.  Even when he makes movies I don’t really care for, the Anchorman series for instance, I can’t deny that he is still enjoyable as he indulges in his goofiest tendencies.  He’s also the kind of guy who I think is just as concerned with entertaining himself as he is with entertaining the audience.  Almost like he tries to make himself laugh first, and if the audience joins in, bonus.  I think that, because I can’t imagine any other motivation that would lead to something as bizarre as Casa de mi Padre.

Armando (Ferrell) is the son of a Mexican cattle baron.  Things aren’t looking so good on the financial side, until the return of Armando’s brother, and their father’s clear favourite, Raul (Diego Luna).  With new business ventures leaving him cashed up enough to save the day, Raul also returns home with a beautiful fiancé (Genesis Rodriguez as Sonia). (more…)