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MUSIC REVIEW | Slayer – Reign in Blood (1986)

In a nutshell, Bored & Dangerous says: “These songs deliver everything that great thrash metal usually takes double or three times as long to do.”

Slayer 1
It’s funny how some bands can become icons without hits.  If they’re songs weren’t being played on the radio, and they weren’t of a genre being shared between me and my friends, how I did I ever come to be aware of them?  And not only aware of them, but pretty familiar with what they do and what they represent?  Slayer is a band that never got radio airplay or released songs that were hits.  Slayer is a band that was never shared between me and my friends.  So why is Slayer a band of which I’m so familiar with what they do and what they represent?  I saw them at a music festival a few years ago, and all of my preconceptions were proven correct in the best possible way.  Which is the same reaction l was hoping I would have to their mid 80s breakthrough, Reign in Blood.

Pounding guitars duelling on the same riff, a relentless double kick assault, and a vocal intro that is literally nothing but a scream, I feel like Angle Death might be one of the best album openers ever.  You might not like this kind of thrash or metal, but at least Slayer lets you know right out of the gate exactly what you’re in for.  And when you compress your record into less than half an hour, there’s no time to ease people in.  The blistering dual guitar solos don’t hurt either. (more…)