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MUSIC REVIEW | Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers (1971)

Stones 1
When a band has been around for literally over half a century, it’s easy to take them for granted.  It’s also easy to assume that there’s no way they’re still at their creative peak, so why get involved now, decades after the coasting and laurel resting began?  The Rolling Stones have been around for literally over half a century.  I’m pretty sure no Stones album released in my lifetime has been heralded as giving the band new life, or even a return to form.

They have dozens of hits that I know, and for the most part, like.  But I have always taken them for granted.  I know they’re there, I know those songs and records will always be there, so what’ the rush in ever actually listing to them?  I’m sure it’ll happen one day.  Well, that day is today, as I listened to Sticky Fingers. (more…)

MOVIE REVIEW | Muscle Shoals (2013)

Muscle Shoals
“There are certain places where there is a feeling of energy”. – Jimmy Cliff.

Little engines that could always make a great subject for a documentary. Those small town stories, where its small town residents defy the odds and take on the big city moguls and money, beating them at their own game. And when that success involves some of the biggest names in music from the last half century or so, you know it’s going to be a story worth watching. Which is exactly what you get with Muscle Shoals.

The self proclaimed, but deservedly so, hit record capital of the world, Muscle Shoals is an otherwise unimposing small town in Alabama, on the banks of the Tennessee River. But ever since a local boy decided to build his own recording studio in the 50s, this otherwise unimposing small town in Alabama, on the banks of the Tennessee River, has cranked out countless hit songs in almost every genre. (more…)