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MOVIE REVIEW | Stakeout (1987)

Stakeout“Isn’t love great, Chris? One minute you’re a god, the next minute you’re a scum-suckin’ pig.”

When I was a kid, there were things called video shops. And the beauty of video shops, was judging books by their covers. I saw so much shit, and the odd gem, just because it had a cool cover. Then, there were a few movies that made the short list on almost every visit, but would inevitably always be trumped by some flashy new release, or re-hire of Police Academy 3 for the hundredth time. Movies like Don’t Tell Her It’s Me with Steve Guttenberg, and Ghoulies II, the one with little Gremlins rip offs coming up out of a toilet on the cover.

Another cover that always got me interested enough to read the back of the case, but never converted to me actually hiring it, was Stakeout. I still haven’t seen Don’t Tell Her It’s Me, or Ghoulies II, but more than a quarter of a century later, Stakeout can finally be taken off that list. (more…)