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MOVIE REVIEW | The Gambler (2014)


“You’re born as a man with the nerves of a soldier, the apprehension of an angel.”

When I watched the original version of The Gambler, I went in knowing that movie gamblers rarely win, which is kind of the thrill.  “Because like gambling itself, even though you know winning is a long shot, it’s still exciting to think that there’s a still a slim chance of making that big score”.  Unfortunately, the risk of seeing a totally unnecessary and redundant remake didn’t add any level of thrill to watching an updated, Mark Wahlbergian take on, The Gambler.

Tens of thousands of dollars in the hole already, Jim Bennet (Wahlberg) makes the mistake of trying to gamble is way out.  Soon he’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in the red and in massive debt to two dangerous loan sharks, Neville (Michal Kenneth Williams) and Frank (John Goodman).  His rich mother (Jessica Lang) comes to the rescue, but why pay off his debt straight away when he can use her cash to gamble and lose even more? (more…)