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MUSIC REVIEW | Parker Millsap – Parker Millsap (2014)

In a nutshell, Bored & Dangerous says; “The emotional tone behind so much of Millsap’s songs means it feels like we’ve been through something together by listening to this album.”

 Parker 2
I was recently reading a Rolling Stone article called, ‘10 New Country Artists You Need to Know’.  Each band or artist profile starts with a ‘Sounds Like’ section.  When I read one described as, “Saturday-night hellbender spirits meet Sunday-morning evangelical fervor, as sung by a young man who spends his days riding the rails”, I already knew I had to hear this bloke’s music.   When the ‘For Fans of’ section included Jason Isbell and Patterson Hood, I knew I had to hear this bloke’s music immediately.  Which is what lead me to Parker Millsap and his 2014 self titled long player.

With its gypsy ramble, Old Time Religion immediately justifies the Rolling Stone description and comparison that got me so excited about the idea of Parker Millsap.  Especially the comparison to Isbell.  Not that it sounds like Millsap is trying to copy Isbell in any way.  But more in the way that they both sound so grizzled beyond their years. (more…)