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MUSIC REVIEW | Rush – Moving Pictures (1981)

A band that’s been at it for the best part of five decades. A band of three absolute virtuoso musicians who will go down in history of some of the best practitioners of what they do in rock. A band that has sold millions of albums and can still pack arenas in some countries. A band that has done all that, while never being able to crack the mainstream. That band is Rush, and the only thing more impressive than their success is the fact that they’ve managed to do it in large part without hit singles and radio airplay. Yet, without all of that that, albums like Moving Pictures have still managed to carve out a hallowed place in rock history for a massive number of devoted fans all over the world.

Opening with Tom Sawyer, that lack of hit singles and radio airplay is immediately explained. At 4:37, it’s the third shortest song on Moving Pictures. Once you crack that three minute barrier, your radio friendly quotient goes down exponentially with every additional second.   But in this 4:37, we get little moments of everything great about Rush. Soaring guitars from Alex Lifeson, complex, never still drumming from Neil Peart, roaring bass from Geddy Lee, and killer riff after killer riff. (more…)