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MOVIE REVIEW | ***TOM WEEK*** Joe Versus the Volcano (1990)

In a nutshell, Bored & Dangerous says: “I started this review lamenting the loss of Tom Hanks the funny guy to Tom Hanks the serious actor.  But Joe Versus the Volcano is great example of Hanks delivering both.”

Joe 1
“Nobody knows anything, Joe. We’ll take this leap, and we’ll see. We’ll jump, and we’ll see. That’s life, right?”

Tom Hanks is great.  Tom Hanks has won a couple of Oscars, been nominated for a couple more and deserves all the praise he gets.  And as much as I like pretty much everything he’s done in the last 20 or so years as a legitimate, A-lister who makes prestige stuff, I also kind of miss the goofball Tom Hanks that we saw all the time before then.  The bloke who made Big, The Money Pit and Turner and Hooch.  The bloke who made weird stuff, like Joe Versus the Volcano.

Working a miserable job for a miserable boss (Dan Hedaya) in a miserable factory famous for being the home of the anal probe, Joe Banks (Hanks) is, well, miserable.  Constantly feeling awful, he goes to the doctor (Robert Stack) for what is clearly just the latest in a long history of visits.  Joe’s usual symptoms are purely psychosomatic, but the doctor does find a brown cloud.  A condition that means Joe has only a few months to live.  Feeling somewhat liberated, Joe quits his job and asks out his cute colleague DeDe (Meg Ryan).  The date doesn’t go so well and Joe’s short moment of freedom is over. (more…)

MOVIE REVIEW | Courage Under Fire (1996)

“You see that man? You and he are brothers! He depends on you! You depend on him! You never leave a man behind!”

With the last decade plus of Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, there’s probably an entire generation who don’t even realise that the Iraq War of the new millennium was the second Iraq War of the last 20 odd years.  The first Iraq War only lasted a short time and there was little in the way of graphic combat footage to fill new broadcasts.  I guess there was also little in the way of Hollywood friendly spectacle as well, because there has been very little movie love given to the subject.  And the only prestige, award nominated 90s Iraq movie I can think of, is Courage Under Fire.

After a friendly fire mishap sees his best friend dead, tank commander Nat Sterling (Denzel Washington) has his mistake swept under the rug and is put on desk duty.  His first assignment is to investigate an incident involving helicopter pilot Karen Walden (Meg Ryan) and determine if she should be awarded the prestigious Medal of Honor.  If so, she will be the first female soldier to ever receive the honor. (more…)

MOVIE REVIEW | Innerspace (1987)


Joe Dante is a name I’ve never paid enough attention to. As a director, you’ll see it next to 80s classics like Gremlins, its sequel and The Burbs. Movies I love. Yet I’ve never taken the time to delve into his filmography. Even this movie. A movie I can remember mates watching when we were kids and raving about. I can remember me really wanting to see it and never being able to for various reasons. I movie that I know I saw bits and pieces of on cable, but for more various reasons, never watched beginning to end, until now. I have finally seen, Innerspace.

Tuck (Dennis Quaid) is an alcoholic astronaut showing up drunk at astronaut functions, bitter that he’s not walking on the moon. Lydia (Meg Ryan) is his fed up girlfriend. Sick of his selfish ways and ready to kick his ass to the curb. Jack (Martin Short) is a hypochondriac, timid supermarket checkout operator scared of his own shadow. And once Tuck’s experimental shrink ray is put to the test, these three people are drawn into the kind of adventurous romp that could only happen in the 80s and could only be directed by Joe Dante. (more…)