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MOVIE REVIEW | Coal Miner’s Daughter (1980)


“If you’re born in Kentucky you’ve got three choices; coal mine, moonshine or move it on down the line.”

Loretta Lynn is pretty famous.  Famous enough that I know her name.  Famous enough that I know she was a country singer.  Famous enough that they made a biopic about her.  Famous enough the I knew that movie existed 35 years after it was made.  But not famous enough that I know any more than that about her.  So is her story interesting and worth telling?  Well, Coal Miner’s Daughter never really proved that to me.

It’s the 40s in Kentucky, which means the 14 year old Loretta (soon to be) Lynn (Sissy Spacek) is old enough to be considered a woman.  When she’s not helping raise one of her dozen or so siblings, she’s busy being wooed by Doolittle Lynn (Tommy Lee Jones).  Back from the war, he’s a cocky loudmouth who takes what he wants, and decides he wants the teenaged Loretta.  Against his better wishes, her father (Levon Helm as the titular coal miner) gives his blessing and soon Doolittle has knocked up Loretta no less than four times. (more…)