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MOVIE REVIEW | ***AFI WEEKEND*** #63. Cabaret (1972)

“The American Film Institute’s list of the 100 Greatest Movies was selected by AFI’s blue-ribbon panel of more than 1,500 leaders of the American movie community to commemorate 100 Years of Movies”. Every weekend(ish) during 2015, I’ll review two(ish), counting them down from 100 to 1.


“I’m going to be a great film star! That is, if booze and sex don’t get me first.”

This countdown has been a great excuse to re-watch movies I never would have found time for otherwise.  It’s also forced me to sit through a few I would have preferred to never see again.  But the real reason for undertaking this countdown, and the real benefit, is being forced to watch classics I never would have got to otherwise.  I’m not anti musicals, I’m not anti Liza Minnelli.  Besides knowing it’s a musical, starring Liza Minnelli, the only other thing I knew about Cabaret is that it was made in the 70s, possibly the greatest decade for movie making.  So why have I always steered clear of this movie?

In Germany between World Wars, English academic Brian (Michael York) arrives in Berlin to work on his thesis.  Taking a room in a boarding house, he meets Sally (Liza Minnelli).  During the day, Brian uses her room to teach English to local Germans.  During the night, Sally performs at the burlesque Kit Kat Klub.  The loud American showgirl and the buttoned down English academic couldn’t be more different, but Sally forces a friendship on Brian anyway, and he does little to resist. (more…)