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In a nutshell, Bored & Dangerous says: “There’s something so intricately planned and meticulously honed underneath that joke delivery surface, that those gags actually have something to say.”

Ten 1
“Gretchen… Hey, I was in the neighborhood. I thought I’d come by and take a shit.”

Recently, in my neighbourhood, I saw something that’s all too common these days.  A video shop that was closing down.  They had a big sign out the front, “4 movies for $10”.  I looked in my wallet, saw $30 and decided I wasn’t leaving that shop until I found 12 movies I thought were worth having on my DVD shelf.  Some were movies I’d seen before.  Some were movies I had a vague idea about and thought would be worth the $2.50 gamble.  Some were oddities I’d never even heard of, but they looked interesting enough.  So, thank you, Network Video Brunswick West.  I never rented anything from you or even had a membership, but I did find some cool, interesting and mysterious things on your almost empty shelves.

Making smart, dumb comedies is an underappreciated art form.  For every awesomely clever, but silly movie, like Airplane or Blazing Saddles, you get dozens of just plain dumb, dumb comedies, like anything with “Movie” in its title.  On TV, Tina Fey is a master of smart dumbness.  And in movies, I think the best director out there right now might be David Wain.  He had a surprise hit with Role Models, then an unfair flop with Wanderlust.  And in 2014, he made one of the best spoof movies since the afore mentioned Airplane, with They Came Together.  But before all that, he was still figuring out how to best present his version of smart, dumbness, with The Ten. (more…)

MOVIE REVIEW | Spotlight (2015)

Spot 1
They knew and they let it happen!

A director or writer I like is often more than enough to make me interested in seeing a movie.  One or two actors I like is often more than enough to make me interested in seeing a movie.  A subject matter, regardless of who made it or who’s in it, is often more than enough to make me interested in seeing a movie. Spotlight was directed and co-written by Tom McCarthy.  Spotlight stars a massive ensemble cast that is an almost ‘best of’ collection from all of the great performances of the last few years. Spotlight is built around an important and interesting true story.  Oh, and Spotlight has carried immense Oscar buzz ever since it started to appear on the festival circuit half a year ago.  That’s a lot for Spotlight to live up to.

In 2001, the staff of the Boston Globe is getting ready for the arrival of their new editor, Marty Baron (Liev Schreiber).  With stories of cutbacks at his previous papers, Baron’s reputation precedes him in the worst way.  Within the Globe is the Spotlight department, a team of investigative journalists, headed by Walter Robinson (Michael Keaton), who work on long term, secretive stories, that even their bosses don’t always know the details of. (more…)