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MUSIC REVIEW | The Lemonheads – It’s a Shame About Ray (1992)

Lemon Ray 1

Tackling the Lemonheads 1993 album, Come on Feel the Lemonheads, I came away thinking it was an OK record that could have been a great one with just a few tracks excised. It was more than enough to make me realise there was a lot of potential for this band to tick a lot of boxes I like in music. So I pretty much immediately had to hear more, which I did, with Feel’s immediate predecessor, It’s a Shame About Ray

Combining punk rock simplicity with singer Evan Dando’s signature slacker ‘tude, Rockin’ Stroll is a little piece of pure rock, pop energy that knows that brevity is often the key to a song’s success. The slacker rock continues with Confetti, this time including a shredding guitar solo and all! (more…)

MUSIC REVIEW | The Lemonheads – Come On Feel the Lemonheads (1993)

Lemon Feel 1
In the 90s, Evan Dando was the quintessential gentle guy of rock and roll. While Nirvana and their Seattle contemporaries were screaming and guitar smashing their way up the charts, Dando and his band The Lemonheads were trading in melodic guitar pop that sounded like they read poetry when they weren’t playing music. That might sound a bit dismissive, but I say that as a guy who always like Lemonheads songs whenever they came on the wireless. And that’s just how I remember them and their impact in my teenage years when they were at the mainstream peak. A mainstream peak represented by Come on Feel the Lemonheads.

Opening with The Great Big No, the song doesn’t really make any attempts to disprove my above broad classification of the band. It’s overly sincere guitar pop that oozes a brooding sensitivity that I have to assume Ethan Hawke based his character on for Reality Bites. Up next, Into Your Arms does basically the same thing. The difference is, Into Your Arms does it with a much catchier melody and lyrical hook that’s impossible not to sing along to. (more…)

MUSIC REVIEW | Juliana Hatfield – Only Everything (1995)

Juliana Hatfield

In the mid 90s, I only knew Juliana Hatfield as the chick with the super cute voice who sang Josie and the Pussycats on the awesome Saturday Morning: Cartoon’s Greatest Hits compilation. But even then, all the way back in 1995, she’d already had a good run in the band Blake Babies, played a pretty big role in recording the Lemonheads seminal album It’s a Shame About Ray, and was well into a successful solo career. A solo career that really hit its stride with Only Everything.

The thing that stands out most when you press play, is how loud Only Everything is. A solo album from a female singer, songwriter comes with certain preconceptions. Acoustic preconceptions. But What a Life blasts this album out of gate with a genuine rock sound that is perfectly juxtaposed with Hatfield’s girly voice. The slower, sludgier, grimier Fleur De Lys is a different juxtaposition that delivers results that are just as good. (more…)