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MOVIE REVIEW | ***AFI WEEKEND*** #9. Vertigo (1958)

“The American Film Institute’s list of the 100 Greatest Movies was selected by AFI’s blue-ribbon panel of more than 1,500 leaders of the American movie community to commemorate 100 Years of Movies”. Every weekend(ish) during 2015, I’ll review two(ish), counting them down from 100 to 1.
Vertigo 1
“Here I was born, and there I died. It was only a moment for you; you took no notice.”

Vertigo was a bit of a financial and critical flop when it was released 1958. These days, it’s swung so far in esteem that it overtook Citizen Cane as the greatest film ever made, according to the prestigious Sight & Sound poll. I’ve seen it a couple of times before, and this most recent viewing left me with the same opinion… It’s pretty good, but not the greatest film ever made. It’s not even the greatest Alfred Hitchcock film ever made. It’s not even the greatest Hitchcock film ever made starring Jimmy Stewart.

After his own fear of heights leads to a fellow officer falling to his death from a building’s roof, Scottie (James Stewart) quits the police force and falls into a life of leisure, mainly just lounging around the apartment of best friend and former fiancé, Midge (Barbara Bel Geddes). But when news of Scottie’s roof top incident makes the papers, it’s seen by an old college buddy, and current shipping magnate, Gavin (Tom Helmore). Figuring he’s at a loss professionally, Gavin hires Scottie to work as a PI and follow his wife. Gavin isn’t worried she’s cheating, he’s worried she’s going insane. (more…)