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MOVIE REVIEW | Bob Roberts (1992)

Bob Roberts
“Don’t smoke crack. It’s a ghetto drug.”

The concept of the mockumentary is more present than ever, through TV shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation and Modern Family.  On the big screen, the patron saint has always been Christopher Guest, for his involvement in movies like Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, A Might Wind and This is Spinal Tap.  I love those movies and almost anything with Guest’s name attached to it.  But I realised something today, his documentary approach is pretty fast and loose, and easily abandoned for the sake of a good joke or getting an important plot point across.  I realised this after watching the meticulous documentary-like approach to Bob Roberts.

Tim Robbins is the titular Roberts, a folk singing, ultra conservative Republican, running for election.   He has built his own legend as a conservative rebel, singing songs to adoring supporters about how proud he is of his self made wealth, and his dedication to wiping out the drug problem in America.  Aboard his combined campaign bus and stock market trading office, Roberts is making his way across the country, one stump speech at a time, one scandal (about himself or an opponent) at a time. (more…)