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MUSIC REVIEW | ***AUSSIE WEEK 3*** Australian Crawl – The Boys Light Up (1980)

Crawl 1
There are handful of Australian Crawl songs that have been radio and pub staples my entire life. But as I started to put my thoughts together to write this review, I realised that I have no idea how to classify this band., They’re kind of rock, but there’s always a pop tinge to it, without being anything close to pop rock. There are reggae and ska influences, but the direction is always too straight forward to make them either of those. There a straight forward rock line up as far as instrumentation goes, but I think there are hints of post punk and new wave in some of the arrangements. To get a grasp on these perennial Oz rock stalwarts, I listened to The Boys Light Up.

The opening pair of My Coffee’s Gone Cold and Man Crazy are as indefinable, while being totally middle of the road, as my intro described the band in general. While an unexpected Caribbean flavour does nothing to add any flavour to the totally vanilla Way I’ve Been. (more…)