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MOVIE REVIEW | Westworld (1973)

West 1
“In some cases, they have been designed by other computers. We don’t know exactly how they work.”

Science fiction is a genre that more often than not dates quicker and more severely than any other. Predictions about what technology awaits us are rarely correct, and a lot of the time, the real world surpasses what seemed like the most outlandish technological dreams. The titular guide book in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was hilarious in its masses of knowledge and infinite storage space when the book was written in 1979. Now, it would seem pretty lame compared to the smart phones in all of our pickets. But while sci-fi might be quickly and severely dated, sometimes, that leads to a lot of its charm. Which is the case with Westworld.

Set some time in the not so distant future, the most popular holiday destination for adults is Delos, a massive role playing destination where visitors can live in worlds of times gone by. There’s an Old West World, a Medieval World and an Ancient Roman World. But more than just elaborate recreations of architecture and culture, these worlds have been populated with robots so real, they’re barely distinguishable from humans. The beauty of this is, it means guests can do things like have a high noon shoot out, and feel like a hero when they gun down the local bad guy, with none of the guilt of actually killing a man. Or seduce a princess by banging a roll playing robot instead of banging a role playing whore. (more…)

MOVIE REVIEW | The Master of Disguise (2002)

Master of Disguise

“Look, Pistachios, the silly voices, the making faces, it was fun for like one second, okay?”

In the mid to late 90s, Wayne’s World had made Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey two of the biggest comedy stars in the world.  America had known these two for years as two of the most reliable performers on Saturday Night Live, but SNL hadn’t made its way to Australian TV yet.  So when Wayne’s World hit, it was like two new, hilarious comic forces had appeared out of nowhere.  Meyer’s flame would burn out gradually, over the next couple of decades and increasingly terrible movies.  But Carvey kind of disappeared from the big screen almost immediately.  Here’s something you probably didn’t know, Carvey made a movie called The Master of Disguise.  Here’s something you probably didn’t notice, it was 13 years ago and it was his last starring role.

In a quick 1979 prologue, Fabbrizio Disguisey (James Brolin) recounts a covert mission in which he used his master of disguise prowess to pose as Bo Derrick and pull some heist.  But his master of disguisery isn’t just the result of great makeup and prosthetics.  It turns out that the Dusguisey clan has an almost super power for the art.  But Fabbrizzio doesn’t want this life of danger for his son, so he keeps this family trade secret and opens an Italian restaurant in Tuscany.  Cut to present day 2002 and his son has grown up to be the cartoonishly goofy Pistachio (Dana Carvey). (more…)