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MOVIE REVIEW | The Hustler (1961)

In a nutshell, Bored & Dangerous says: “Not only does Newman have the amazing charisma to personify Felson at his cockiest when on top, there’s also a vulnerability to Newman that shines through when we see cracks in Felson’s cocksure facade.”

 Hustler 1
“No trouble losing when you got a good excuse. Winning… that can be heavy on your back, too, like a monkey.”

Robert Rosen isn’t a name that jumped out at me as a director whose work I know and love.  When I looked into it, I saw that he only directed 10 movies in his entire career.  But he was definitely a quality over quantity kind of guy, because of those 10, he made one pretty great movie with All the King’s Men, and one undisputed classic, with The Hustler.

‘Fast’ Eddie Felson (Paul Newman) hustles his way across America playing pool.  Along with his partner Chalrie (Myron McCormick), they scam and win decent money from locals before moving on to the next town, but Felson has his eye on a bigger prize.  The legendary Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason) hasn’t been beaten in 15 odd years, and Felson walks into Fats’ home ground pool hall hell bent on taking the legend down.  At one point $18,000 up, Felson’s ego gets the best of him, and after 25 hours straight at the table, he loses the lot. (more…)