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MOVIE REVIEW | ***SNL WEEK*** Superstar (1999)

Super 1
“Girls have a button, boys have a pole. Wicked touching takes its toll.”

Saturday Night Live has never been able to resist running popular characters into the ground. No matter how one note or unsustainable a character might be, if it gets enough laughs, it will reoccur and reoccur and reoccur over and over and over again, until everyone is exhausted by it. Then SNL will insist on trotting the character out a few more times just to make sure they’ve totally burned it out. Molly Shannon’s Mary Katherine Gallagher did pretty much the exact same schtick every time she appeared. A story of high school awkwardness, she’d stick her hands in her arm pits, then smell her fingers, before a big prat fall to end on. It’s barley enough to sustain a five minute sketch, so of course, it had to be drawn out into a feature length movie with Superstar.

Because the movie’s too lazy to start any other way, it opens with voiceover from Mary (Shannon) explaining her character in detail and giving her entire life story up until that point. A social outcast, she lives with her grandma in the ugliest house in the street. A life time of being shunned has left her with one, simple wish, to be kissed by a boy. And she decides the best way to accomplish that is to become a movie star. (more…)