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MUSIC REVIEW | Frank Ocean – Channel Orange (2012)


When the whole Odd Future crew started to blow up a few years ago, I was determined to like them.  I needed to know why the kids liked ‘em so damn much, and convince myself that my own tastes were still relevant.  I listened to Tyler the Creator, he was young, dumb, homophobic, too cocky and his rhymes were awkward.  I tried to listen to Earl Sweatshirt, but the shitty sound of his mix tape stuff was too much for me to still give a shit when he finally made a real, studio album.

So by the time Frank Ocean broke, and broke big, I was over the whole Odd Future thing in general.  No matter how many times I read someone declare Channel Orange one of the greatest albums of 2012, the Odd Future stank was too much for me to get past.  Now, that stank has wafted away, and it’s time to find out why so many music writers declared Channel Orange one of the great albums of 2012. (more…)