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MOVIE REVIEW | The Cotton Club (1984)

In a nutshell, Bored & Dangerous says: And even at his worst, Coppola is incapable of doing bland or boring. When he fails, he fails gloriously.

 Cotton 1
“In the next room, gentlemen, is the finest food, drink and pussy in New York at a price.”

The Godfather is one of the first legitimately great movies I remember loving. There had been plenty of movies before then that I was obsessed with, watching them over and over. But they were kids’ movies, dumb comedies, mindless actioners and whatever blockbusters I got to see at the time. But The Godfather is the first movie I can remember that made me think of the person behind it, the artist who made the creative decisions that resulted in this masterpiece. Because of that, I have found it hard to fault Frances Ford Coppola in the years since. I find it hard to admit that he could ever make anything truly terrible. Which is why it’s taken me so long to get around to The Cotton Club. I didn’t want to not like it.

In 1920s Harlem, the Cotton Club is the hottest night spot in New York. Frequented by gangsters, politicians, show business power brokers and everyone who wants to gain the attention of gangsters, politicians and show business power brokers. Local coronet horn player Dixie Dwyer (Richard Gere) is happy to remain a horn player, but when he inadvertently saves the life of mid level mobster Dutch Schultz (James Remar), he starts to get a taste of the roaring 20s at their height. Which is great news for Dixie’s brother, wannabe mobster Vincent (Nicolas Cage). (more…)