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MOVIE REVIEW | Legend (2015)

Legend 1

I come here for a fucking shootout. A proper shootout with some proper men. Like Colonel Custer and Geronimo, you ever heard of them?

Over the last few years, Tom Hardy has made a habit of not only picking great movies, but also insisting on being the best thing in them.  Even in a mess likeThe Dark Knight Rises, Hardy’s Bane was a big part of what made it watchable.  He somehow managed to outshine James Gandolfini in The Drop and was a one man powerhouse in Bronsan.  Even when taking a back seat to Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road, his take on the titular character still made sure it was a Mad Max movie.  He is possibly my favourite actor to have emerged in the last decade.  So when I heard there was a movie with double the Hardy, I knew I had to see Legend.

Reg Kray (Hardy) is the king of East End crime in 60s London.  He owns a successful casino  and meets the perfect girl next door (Emily Browning as Frances).  Reg’s literal partner in crime is his identical twin brother, Ronnie (also Hardy).  With the aid of a little strong arming, the certifiably insane Ron is released from a mental hospital after an assault charge and is back by his brother’s side in time to fight off an attack from rival London gangsters. (more…)