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MUSIC REVIEW | NOFX – Self Entitled (2012)


I love NOFX. There are several NOFX albums that would be in the top 10 most listened to albums of my lifetime. NOFX have never made an album I don’t like. They haven’t changed much over the years, but that’s one of the things I love about them. But as the albums mount up, it’s hard to find time to listen, really listen (and re-listen) every time something new drops. When Self Entitled came out two years ago, I was super excited to listen to it. Which I did, immediately. And I loved it. But I don’t think I’ve listened to it in its entirety since. Which is why I’m revisiting Self Entitled.

72 Hookers might not just be the most restrained album opener I’ve heard from Fat Mike and crew. It might be the most restrained song overall I’ve ever heard from Fat Mike and crew. Even when it kicks in with the familiar machine gun drums and Mike’s nasal snark, it’s still a little pulled back compared to your average NOFX tune. (more…)