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MUSIC REVIEW | Drive-By Truckers – The Fine Print: Oddities and Rarities 2003-2008 (2009)


The idea of a “Collection of Oddities and Rarities” would normally stink of lazy cash in to me.  But since I’ve spent the last year or so obsessed with Drive-By Truckers and listening to pretty much nothing but Drive-By Truckers (when not listing to things to write about on Bored and Dangerous), I’m more than willing to give these dudes the benefit of the doubt.  More than that, I’m prepared to love The Fine Print before I even hear a single note.  How’s that for objective, sycophantic criticism?

Opening with a slide guitar filled yarn in that quintessential Patterson Hood style, George Jones Talkin’ Cell Phone Blues is just one more chapter in his massive novel of the south and the people who populate it.  Hood can tell a more compelling tail, filled with more fully formed characters in a three or four minute song, than most movies accomplish in two hours.  Then it’s time to let his southern rock influences shine on Rebels.  Less country, more rock fan friendly, it’s still just as heavy on story and character. (more…)