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MUSIC REVIEW | Misfits – Walk Among Us (1982)


When there’s a classic band I know I need to listen too, I always assume that I should start with something from nice and early in their career.  When I go to their Wikipedia page and see that there are 18 names listed in the ‘former members’ section, I know for a fact that I need to start nice and early.  Misfits and Glenn Danzig are names that I know I need to be more familiar with if I’m going to call myself a punk rock fan.  So here I am, with their Danzig fuelled debut, Walk Among Us.

Immediately, I see that it’s 13 tracks in 24 minutes.  That’s an awesome sign for two reasons.  One, almost every song ever recorded would be better if trimmed to some degree.  So to see a band working so economically is always promising.  The other upside is, even if I hate it, it’s only half an hour of my life.  But three and half minutes in, and I know I don’t have to worry about that.  Because 20 Eyes and I Turned Into a Martian are the kinds of songs that prove breakneck speed and a total lack of extras doesn’t mean a sacrifice in melody or musicality. (more…)