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MUSIC REVIEW | The Buzzcocks – Another Music in a Different Kitchen (1978)

True pioneers in the world of punk rock, The Buzzcocks might not have quite the notoriety or layman recognition as their contemporaries The Sex Pistols, but I’d say their reputation is a little more enduring to anyone who has even the smallest interest in the genre. While the Pistols were basically a manufactured boy band whose songs were little more than a nuisance to get in the way of their posing, The Buzzcocks seem more like a an actual band of actual musicians who’s music came first. What am I basing this on? Mainly on wild conjecture, ill informed opinion and not much else. But that seems fitting when talking about 70s punk rock.

Like The Ramones, their equivalent across the pond, opening songs Fast Cars and No Reply show a Buzzcocks reliance on simple chants, a four-four machine gun approach to rhythm, and as little vocal range as possible. It’s a beautifully simplicity approach that works because it’s so beautifully simplistic. (more…)