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MUSIC REVIEW | The Psychedelic Furs – Mirror Moves (1984)

Psych 1

This is a review for The Psychedelic Furs album Mirror Moves. This has been my introduction to a review for The Psychedelic Furs album Mirror Moves.

While I can’t think of a single other band or song to compare it to, the second The Ghost in You started, all I could think was, yep, this is what 1984 Britain would have sounded like. Its weird Caribbean influence combines with the new wave twist of the day, and vocals that would eventually be amped up just a bit to fuel so much Brit rock of the decades to follow.

The 80s is in even fuller effect when the sax is added to the primitive electronic sounds and reverbed to the max guitars of Here Come Cowboys. Things get more easily definably 80s when the ultra pop of Heartbeat kicks in. The sax is less soul passion, and more like the shirtless dude on the pier in The Lost Boys. The pounding, over produced drums and vocals that sound like a David Bowie impression.   As much as it sounds like I’m pulling the piss out of this song, it’s actually the most enjoyable moment so far on Mirror Moves. (more…)