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MUSIC REVIEW | ***AC/DC WEEK*** Highway to Hell (1979)


After conquering Australia, then a few rocky years and rocky albums chasing American attention, AC/DC finally got massive mainstream success, just in time for Bon Scott to die after only the briefest taste. Looking at the albums that came before this time, there are plenty of enduring hits and hard rock classics. But what gave Highway to Hell the honour of being that crossover to bring them massive mainstream success?

The title track kicks things off with one of Malcolm Young’s most memorable riffs. It’s simple, it’s sparse, it leaves plenty of room to breathe and it drives home that signature AC/DC freight train relentless sound that has been the backbone to everything that’s right about this band for so many years. (more…)

MUSIC REVIEW | ***AC/DC WEEK*** Let There Be Rock (1977)

acdc - let there be rock
‘Prolific’ is a word that doesn’t seem to do justice to the early days of AC/DC. Their first nine albums were released in the span of just six years. Now that I’ve taken the time to look back more thoroughly at those early years than I ever have before, I realise something. Those first few years and first few albums were a band still figuring out who they were, what their sound was, what they were good at.

Like a comedian taking a rough premise to the stage, then hoping the punch lines come to them under the heat of the spotlight, AC/DC basically put their rehearsals and formative growing pains out there for the world to hear. One of those formative years that I think could be seen as a clear bridge between the heavy blues oriented really early years, and the more heavy rock-reliant boom years, is Let There Be Rock. (more…)

MUSIC REVIEW | ***AC/DC WEEK*** High Voltage (1975)

High Voltage

I like AC/DC. I’ve seen them live a few times in my life, they’re responsible for some of the most iconic and enduring songs in hard rock, and it’s possible that they’ll go down in history as the greatest band Australia has ever produced. Having said all that, I couldn’t have been less interesting or excited when I heard a few months ago that a new album was in the works. I don’t think anyone would argue when I say they haven’t made anything interesting or surprising since 1990’s The Razor’s Edge. A lot might even say that drought has been in effect since 1980’s Back in Black. The real old school fans (ie. my Dad), reckon nothing good has come from this band since Bon Scott died in 1979 and the “new bloke” took over.

My “couldn’t have been less interested” attitude has recently changed though, after reading Mick Wall’s AC/DC: Hell Aint a Bad Place to Be. The story of the several rises, falls and current decades long plateau of this band made me more intrigued than ever. It made me want to hear the new album, but more so, it made me want to listen to the old stuff more than I ever have before. Starting where they did, with their debut, High Voltage. (more…)