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MUSIC REVIEW | Roy Orbison – In Dreams (1963)

Roy 1
Roy Orbison is one of the legends who is part of my musical consciousness, and has been my entire. But if you were to ask me what kind of music he made, I wouldn’t have an answer for you. First generation rock and roll? Country? Crooning standards? I’d believe anyone who told me he fit into any of those categories. But I feel like I should have a better sense of someone who is one of those legends who has been part of my musical consciousness my entire. Which is what I was hoping to get via In Dreams.

Lush strings, a country rolling beat, and crooning vocals, the opening, title tracks is a tender and beautiful introduction to this album. It also does nothing to help me categorise Orbison in any way. It’s several genres being crammed to together, and none of them suffer from that cramming. (more…)