MUSIC REVIEW | White Lung – Paradise (2016)

In a nutshell, Bored & Dangerous says: “Every song on Paradise is unmistakeably the work of one band”.

Lung 1.jpg
I love punk rock.  But technically, I can probably only claim to really love 90s, Californian punk rock, because that represents a solid 99% of the punk I listen to.  So in an effort to drag my musical tastes into the modern day, I’m giving White Lung a red hot crack with their latest, Paradise.

What happens if you take the instruments, effects pedals and overblown production grandeur of a band like Evanescence, then use them to make some angry girl punk rock?  You get Dead Weight, one of the most exciting introductions to an album and a band that I have heard in a long, long time.  The same aesthetic, now with added spooky keyboards works just as well on Narcoleptic.

Things get a little poppier and radio ready on Below, before the pinch harmonics and a more metal tone take over for Kiss Me When I Bleed.   Even with these genre qualifiers, every song on Paradise is unmistakeably the work of one band.  Maybe it’s the air tight production, or the irresistible hooks, but I find myself feeling a little guilty about how much this record is making me like this band.  Almost like I should have a more refined musical pallet.  But sometimes, hooks are hooks, catchy is catchy and that’s more than enough.
Lung 2
As much as I enjoyed this intro to the band, that unique White Lung Sound means that even at a lean 28 minutes, Paradise almost runs out of steam before it gets to the end.  I love everything here, and late highlights Vegas and Paradise really do make an already good album great.  But the second half is filled with songs like Demented, Hungry and I Beg You that all kind of blend into each other with their impressive wall of polished metal sound.  I had my fill and wasn’t champing at the bit for more.

White Lung

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