MUSIC REVIEW | The Droids – The Droids (2014)

In a nutshell, Bored & Dangerous says; “They take elements I thought I had heard used in every conceivable way, and somehow make something totally original.”

Droids 1
I follow the two members of The Droids in Twitter.  Considering I had never heard any of their music until today, I’d say I started following them because at least one of them followed me first.  That’s how easy it is to get your album written about on the prestigious pages of Bored and Dangerous.   That’s also how easy it is for me stumble across something really cool that I may have never heard otherwise.  Something really cool like The Droids.

Haunting is a hard vibe to pull off in pop.  The thin line between effective and over the top pomposity is so easy to overstep.  But The Droids get the balance just right on All I’ve Got.   Between the vintage techno instrumentation, and the darkness of the vocals, it hits the perfect mix of a recipe of elements that could so easily go horribly wrong.

Even when the tempo takes things in a brighter direction on Fury and Lights, there’s still a hint of dystopia about this record that makes The Droids familiar, yet excitingly new and different at the same time.  There are times when the vocals take a rest that sound like this could be the soundtrack to a racing video game in the late 80s.  Whereas Sequence takes that same vintage sound, only its synthed intro is straight out of a haunted house level on some sprawling adventure game.

Things veer a little too close to Evanescence-like self importance on Over, but like All I’ve Got, The Droids generally manage to stay just on the right side of earned emotion, never quite falling into artificial angst.  Unfortunately, Noise does go over that cliff of overcooked melodrama.  But luckily, it’s immediately followed by the intriguing, disjointed weirdness of Obstacle.

The Droids the band, and The Droids the record are like nothing I’ve ever heard before.  That doesn’t mean they revolutionise music in any way, or introduced me to all sorts of wacky, new sounds.  It means that they take elements I thought I had heard used in every conceivable way, and somehow make something totally original.  In theory, I have zero interest in this kind of stuff.  In practise, I’m all of a sudden wondering if I have to rethink my overall views on what can be done with electronic instruments while still essentially being a rock band.

The Droids   

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