MUSIC REVIEW | Andy Clockwise – The Good Book (2016)

In a nutshell, Bored & Dangerous says: “This sounds like the best song from the soundtrack to the best pastel covered 80s movie you’ve never seen.”

Andy 1
With the trippy, echo drenched spoken word Intro from actor John Hawkes, leading into electronic beats with a tribal feel to match the chanted vocals, I’ve Arrived (The Good Book Pt. 1) manages to combine an ancient feel, with 80s synth pop and rich vocal harmonies, all for something totally new.  Not only that, it also somehow holds itself together for a really effective whole, despite its many, varied and potentially conflicting ingredients

Complete with over earnest baritone vocals of the era, and steering directly into the vintage synth skid, The Best is pure 80s intellectual pop, and Andy Clockwise proves he’s up to the challenge.  The sex is cranked up to a sweaty, grimey extreme with Open Relationship delivering a funktastic bassline, velour soaked vocals and a lusty vibe oozing from every note.

The meandering contemplations of The Good Book Pt.2 gives way to a guitar twang that sounds like it’s straight from a Farriss brother, while the dark, driving synth tone suggests something a lot more sinister on Cocaine & Champagne.   All of that in the first half, before the second gives way to a thumping big beat.  Once again giving The Good Book another example of throwing some pretty disparate elements at the wall, with a surprising amount sticking.
Andy 2
As Andy Closkwise closes things out with Hopeless (featuring Holly Valance), he saves the best for last.  This sounds like the best song from the soundtrack to the best pastel covered 80s movie you’ve never seen.  Clockwise describes his music as “schizo pop” (thank you Wikipedia).  Reading that term in isolation would give me absolutely no idea of what kind of music to expect.  Hearing The Good Book, it’s the absolute perfect way to describe it.

Andy Clockwise

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