MUSIC REVIEW | The Get Up Kids – Four Minute Mile (1997)

In a nutshell, Bored & Dangerous says; “I really liked each song individually on Four Minute Mile, it just got a little samey.”

 Kids 1
Punk rock tempos, bright guitar melodies, quiet-loud-quiet dynamics, with vocals ranging from emo vulnerability to rock and roll passion…  And all of that within the first verse.  Coming Clean sure is a confident start to a record.  Almost like The Get Up Kids want to throw in everything Four Minute Mile has instore for the listener straight away.  All with a cocky abandon that makes it clear that they won’t have any problem living up to it for the next 10 tracks and 32 minutes.

A proclamation held up by Don’t Hate Me before Fall Semester hints at a little more restraint.  There’s still plenty of angst there, but those less in your face moments give the band a chance to be little more playful with the melodies and arrangements.

Four Minute Mile is definitely the kind of record that can be filed in the same draw as Jimmy Eat World.  Both bands take punk sounds and passion, but apply it to something much more personal.  While a band like The Clash sounded like they were angry about the injustices of the world, The Get Up Kids and songs like Stay Gold, Ponyboy sound like they’re sad about a high school breakup.  I know that sounds really snarky, but it’s also what I love about these kinds of bands,

While the intro is as precise as the agenda set by every earlier track, Washington Square Park becomes a lot looser and border line chaotic once the vocals kick in.  It’s an energy that adds a danger to The Get Up Kids that I really liked.
Kids 2
I have no idea where the line is between an album sounding the same from song to song, and an album sounding deliberately consistent and of a theme.  For some reason, as much as I really liked each song individually on Four Minute Mile, it got a little samey in the wrong way by the time it was nearing to a close with songs like Better Half, Shorty and Michelle with One “L”.  You could randomly choose any four or five songs from Four Minute Mile and the result would be an EP I’d love.  But when you double or triple that song count, I did eventually get a little bored with what The Get Up Kids do.

The Get Up Kids

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