MUSIC REVIEW | Sego – Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around (2016)

Sego 1
From the opening seconds, Sego throw the listener into a dark world of ominous threat and driving post apocalyptic beats, drones, and distorted basslines. The opening trio of Obscene Dream, False Currency and 20 Years Tall could all be on the sound track to a sci fi movie where humanity has been overthrown by sentient computers. But then things get mixed up with the floating hypnotism of Stars and almost disco like fun of The Fringe.

The surprises keep on coming with indie rock, anthemic uplifters like Fool Around and drum and bass (but not that kind of drum and bass) driven positivity of the title track. And when things get a little looser and more rambling on a track like Wicket Youth, there’s yet another side to Sego on display.
Sego 2.jpg
There’s a lot of digital noises that make up the Sego sound, but they somehow have a really organic, natural feel to them. There might be whole lot of electronic manipulation going on, but you can always hear the real people at the core of Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around. But as I read the press notes that came with the record, I learn, “the duo play everything live with a penchant for classic instrumentation”. So are they using traditional instruments to make these dystopian robot sounds, or finding a way to make robot sounds with a human heart? Either way, it’s an impressive accomplishment.


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