MUSIC REVIEW | Baberaham Lincoln – Sloppy Seconds (2015)

Babe 1

Melbourne’s premier comedy rock duo with a name based on a Wayne’s World reference are back, with Baberaham Lincoln’s Sloppy Seconds.

50s sweater rock verses give way to soaring arena rock choruses on Grower. These tails of wiener exposure embarrassment are filled out with plenty of harmonies that make even a coda about ball sucking sound kind of sweet. And as far as C-bomb dropping sea shanties go, you’d be hard pressed find one as existent as You Say You’re Just Joking, But You’re Really a Cunt.

The Break Up Song accomplishes something pretty rare. It’s call and response lists clichéd breakup platitudes while delivering the subtextual meaning of each. What makes it rare, is the way its jokes work on the basic level of assholishness, while actually getting at something very real and relatable. Whether you’ve ever been on giving or receiving end of something like, “I’m just not ready for a relationship”, it’s what’s between the lines that makes these jokes smarter than they may first appear.

What can be said about song with a title like You Can’t Get Pregnant From Pre Cum, My Friend Jonno Googled It, that the title doesn’t already say all by itself. It’s rambling, fun and increasingly goofy in a way that only gets funnier as it gets more absurd. Although the white-guy-does-reggae accent may be considered a hate crime in some cultures.

Then, when it’s time to finish, Sloppy Seconds finishes big, with Why Can’t I Fuck You Tonight. This five minute epic throws everything at the wall, including a tender guitar solo, anthemic chorus, and even a Bohemian Rhapsody style operatic burst of vocals.

The risk with any comedy or novelty song is that the artist spends all their time coming up with zingers and gasp inducing shocks, then slaps together any old melody that fits it best. But with Sloppy Seconds, Baberaham Lincoln delivers songs that genuinely work as standalone songs, regardless of the lyrical gags. They’re good jokes, on top of good songs.

Baberaham Lincoln

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