MUSIC REVIEW | Honeyblood – Honeyblood (2014)

Honey 1
Honeyblood might be an all-girl two piece, but Fall Forever makes it very obvious that the band’s lack of numbers and lack of wieners in on way means Honeyblood lacks balls. Fall Forever is soaring rock and roll that just so happens to be built on sweet, female vocals. Things get even more to the point in their rock and rollness with the garage, lo-fi distortion of Killer Bangs.

While they may only be a few years old as a band and children of the new millenium, Honeyblood sound like they’re heavily influenced by the 80s and 90s alt music. Super Rat could have been a Kim Deal fronted Pixies song. (I’d Rather Be) Anywhere But Here has a bass line that could have been at home on any slower song by The Cure. While Bro and Bud could have been awesome songs by every jangled guitar filled band that wore its heart on its sleeve and gazed at it shows while filling Triple J’s airwaves in the mid to late 90s.

After the foot to the floor rock of the opening tracks, Joey continues a middle album suite of songs where it’s a lot more about melody than it is about energy. These softer songs are still great, but the opening assault made me want more of that in your face audacity.

After the beautifully flowing Fortune Cookie, Honeyblood perfectly combine the two sides of the coin that has been Honeyblood as they begin to close things out with All Dragged Up. It has a bratty, punk attitude, while still finding room for the lighter, more melodic touches. As I opened this review, I was surprised by how full and loud this two piece line up can be. As I close it, I’m more surprised by how versatile this two piece line up can be.


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