MUSIC REVIEW | Beard Springsteen – Broken English (2015)

Beard Springsteen
Nothing turns me off a band quicker than a joke name.  Music can be dry, or wry or have sense of humour.  But bands trying to be overtly funny always makes me very cautious.  So, when I see band name like Beard Springsteen, my first instinct is to avoid them at all costs.  But, Beard Springsteen were nice enough to email me and suggest I give their EP Broken English a listen.  And since this little read blog rarely attracts emails like that, I thought the least I could do was give up a scant 13 minutes of my time.
Great news!…  If Beard Springtseen are a “funny” band, the music is too good for me to notice.  This is some really cool, balls to the wall, stripped back punk rock, with the odd little hint of metal.  Frostbite opens things with its all or nothing attack, complete with distorted vocals to complete the hell for leather energy.  Then, when Larmes a feu (Run n’ Hide) adds some palmed muted, metal horned guitars to the mix, I’m even more on board.

Beard Springtseen inject a little more melody on I Hate This City, but lose none of their urgency or edge.  While My War (is Over) and Never Gonna Be the Same continue the shift from pure, unhinged energy, to a more melody based approach to song writing.  And it turns out, Beard Springsteen can work just as well at both ends of that spectrum, and everywhere in between.

Despite my knee jerk hesitance based on nothing more than name, Beard Springsteen and Broken English turned out to be more than well worth a listen.  So I guess the lesson to be learned here is, don’t judge a book by tis cover.  Or, if you’re in a band, send me your stuff, because I’ll more than likely have a listen, then write about it for upwards of a dozen people to read.

Beard Springsteen

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