MUSIC REVIEW | Daft Punk – Discovery (2001)


There are certain sub-genres of music that struggle to consistently break into the mainstream and stay there.  But every few years, some artists from that sub-genre will burst through.  And while they may not bring the entire sub-genre with them, they certainly bring their style of music to the attention of more casual listeners than would have heard it otherwise.

Before rap was legitimately mainstream, acts like Beastie Boys and Run DMC broke through in the 80s.  Punk rock got dragged into the 90s mainstream by Green Day.  And when it comes to dance and electronic music, anyone making money off the genre in 2015 needs to thank Daft Punk, and albums like Discovery.

A series of ever building samples, a repetitive vocal hook that stays infectious long after the novelty should have worn off.  One More Time is a great opener and a great example of why Daft Punk have been the world conquering giants of electronic music for 20 odd years.  Aerodynmic ushers in another key to the Daft Punk sound, shredding metal guitars over their sampled bleeps and bloops.

For a band I thought I’d never really listened to, Discovery is four tracks in and I’m yet to hear a track that I don’t already know top to bottom.  That’s the sign of a great record that obviously infiltrated the zeitgeist in a big way.  It doesn’t hurt that Digital Love and Harder Better Faster Stronger are both just balls out amazing tunes,

While I may not have heard Crescendolls before, Discovery has such a strong thematic through line, it feels like I’ve heard it before, simply because it fits in here so perfectly.  From then on, Discovery offers up a dozen or so songs I’ve never heard, and I can’t think if a single clunker in the bunch.  This is one of those rare albums that you could put on at a party, and just let it play out from beginning to end an not a single vibe would ever be harshed.

Sure, that’s not so important in this day and age of playlists and massive digital music libraries.  But when it came out, in the old days of CDs, a record like Discovery must have been a party godsend.

Daft Punk

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