MUSIC REVIEW | Mac DeMarco – Another One (2015)


How can such laid back vocals pack so much of an emotional punch? How can vintage sounds add up to make something that sounds so fresh? How can so much feeling be packed into eight songs? That’s the beauty of Mac DeMarco and Another One. On the surface, it looks and feels so effortless, but if you stop and think about it for a second, it’s obvious that there’s so much more going on. Slow jam, falsetto vocals merge with sexy bass grooves. Strawberry Fields style orchestrations seamlessly combine with noodling guitars. 70s organs mix with a bare bones slackerness and an over produced 80s guitar sound. Some deliberately out of tune notes here and there to keep things just a little off balance. Everything that should add up to nothing more than a big mess comes together in an inexplicable balance that’s just right. This kind of musical chemistry experiment is not for beginners.


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