MUSIC REVIEW | Lux Lisbon – Get Some Scars (2015)


Lux Lisbon were nice enough to send me a copy of their album to listen to and review.  Thus completes the complete record of absolutely everything I know about Lux Lisbon.  Are they heavy?  Are they soft?  Are they a polka, funk fusion with a heavy reliance on sousaphone solos?  Well, I’m about find out, by listening to Get Some Scars.

It’s a strong opening with Keep Me Wild.  A little folk, a little rock, a little indie, it all adds up to be a great sound that’s even more than the sum of its many parts.  Momento Mori is all about air tight harmonies, flighty guitar melodies and a driving momentum that shows loud and fast isn’t always the key to infectious energy.

According to the bio on their website, Get Some Scars looks to be the first release from Lux Lisbon, which makes me like it even more.  This is a more confident, fully formed and surprisingly perfected sound than I’d ever expect form a band’s debut release.  It’s the kind of band where consistency never means redundancy, with each song existing within a set of rules, while never sounding derivative.

When they fill their sound out with a little more oomph on a song like The Devil Got Me Dancing, Lux Lisbon  manage to combine an 80s new wave vibe with a totally modern feel. The result is like nothing I’ve ever heard before, while still feeling familiar in the best possible way.

Lux Lisbon really are their own thing, but if you need a point of reference, the closest thing I can think of is The Killers.  Everything is polished and preened, but never at the expense of genuine emotion or real feeling.

Lux Lisbon

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