MOVIE REVIEW | Coffee Town (2013)

Coffee Town
Here’s a movie I bet you’ve never heard of.  Here’s a movie I bet you’ll never hear of again.  Here’s movie I’ll forget even exists the second I finish writing this review.  And all of that is a real same, because here’s a movie with a lot people involved who I really like and who caused my expectations to get a little high before watching.  Here is Coffee Town.

Voiceover in movies can get looked down on as a lazy way to tell a half formed story.  But when used well, voiceover can be really effective and ad so much, look at a movies like Goodfellas or Sunset Boulevard.  In Coffee Town, the voiceover of main character Will, played by Glen Howerton, is used lazily to fill in the many gaps in this half formed story.  He’s a computer nerd (or something) who works on a tech help line.  This means he can work from anywhere as long as he has his phone and computer.  So he has chosen a local coffee shop, the titular Coffee Town, with its free wifi as his office.

Will is disconnected from the world and a little lost.  We know this because his voiceover blatantly states it for us more than once.  Inside the coffee shop, his narration is supposed to serve as some sort of anthropological satire about 21st century mankind, but it just falls flat.  Also at the coffee shop we meet his friends Gino (Ben Schwartz) and Chad (Steve Little), his dream girl Becca (Adrianne Palicki), and his rival and Coffee Town manager, Sam (Josh Groban).  Through some clunky plot contrivance, Will and his friends decide to rob the coffee shop.

This is a really strong cast of some of television’s funniest young actors.  Howerton is always hilarious as a writer and performer on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Schwartz, who’s performance here is the one thing that approaches consistently funny, is always the best part of any episode when he shows up on Parks and Recreation as Jean-Ralohio.  Little was a major part of what made the first two seasons of Eastbound and Down so great.  And Jake Johsnon, the best thing about New Girl, shows up for two super short scenes.  This is a lot of comedy talent and experience that somehow never adds up to make anything all that funny.

Coffee Town is the first full length feature made by the online video hub College Humor.  It’s also the directorial debut by its writer, Brad Copeland.  And maybe that greenness is what makes it so not good.  Because ‘not good’ is the extent of it.  I wouldn’t call Coffee Town bad, but that’s only because it’s not enough of an entity to be bad.  It’s an unambitious story, conservatively told.  So in the end, there’s just not enough to love or to hate.

Coffee Town
Directed By – Brad Copeland
Written By – Brad Copeland

3 thoughts on “MOVIE REVIEW | Coffee Town (2013)

  1. It’s safe to say that weren’t “angry” with the film, just “disappointed”. We all know that’s a lot worse.

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