MUSIC REVIEW | Pet Shop Boys – Electric (2013)


The Pet Shop Boys have a lot to answer for.  Their 80s chart topping hits can take a lot of the credit for bringing electronic music into the mainstream.  And while that revolutionary sound stopped being evolutionary very soon after, there’s a lot to be said for a band who recognises their strengths and works to them.  Electric is the Pet Shop Boys embracing the new, while building on the old at the same time.  Neil Tennant has one of the most unique and recognisable voices in pop, and it’s that unique recognisability that gives the Pet Shop Boys a sense of sameness, both good and bad.


One thought on “MUSIC REVIEW | Pet Shop Boys – Electric (2013)

  1. Excellent review. I love that the Pet Shop Boys remain completely valid in a very fickle niche in a very fickle business.

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